Thursday, August 8, 2013

The weather

The cool and temperate climate of Latvia which I've lauded all the time is no more reality. It's +30 / +37 C, and for August when it can be +14 C, it IS something exraordinary.

I went to swim yesterday evening expecting the sea would be warm. However, since the wind was from the sea, the water was disappointingly cold, let's say "Refreshing."

The chocolate is melting on the plate...


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A beach near Ragaciems.

The villages near Jurmala along the Baltic Sea beach are incredibly cosy, clean and quiet.
The beaches there are cleaner and less crowded that those of central Jurmala.

Yesterday's evening. Ragaciems. The beach.

Cheap garden flowers

What we haven't got in Moscow, is cheap garden flowers. ONNNly roses: sold at 30 dollars per bouquet.

The flowers old women sell at the market in Kauguri are considerably cheaper, therefore, won't make you a million. However, not less enjoyable.

A pleasure at 1.5 lats (about 3 dollars)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Laci: bread and bisquits.

Laci (means "bear") is a Latvian bakery. They produce different kinds of bread, bisquits, cakes. In this post I want to tell you about the company since all their products I've tried are invariably of good quality.

I am particularly fond of bread that contains dried fruit and nuts. We've  been consistent and loyal bakery's customers for two years and luckily haven't been disappointed.
My favourite bread by Laci

Actually we have been very much into these. )))) Only we've overeaten them.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Souvenirs you may bring from Latvia

Some ask what souvenirs you may buy in Latvia. The usual answer is amber. However, it's not the only choice you have.

I've bought certain things in Latvia, which I consider to be perfect presents or souvenirs you may keep yourself or give to your friends.


A cycling trip to Engure.

Engure, a lake in Latvia,  is a part of an ancient sea separated from the Baltic Sea long ago by a strip of land. It is also famous for its abundant fauna including birds, cows, wild horses.

View Engure, Latvia in a larger map The trip to Engure (a town near the lake) took us about 8 hours including breaks for tea and refreshments, and swimming. The road is partially a highway, relatively busy, quiet at times. Partially it is a quiet road covered with asphalt all way long and is macadam on the sides. There is NO special lane for riding bikes. Just when you enter the towns on your way you'll have these bike lanes.

 After you pass Ragaciems, you'll see lots of nice beaches. The sea is deeper there and the beaches are not so crowded as in Jurmala.