Monday, December 23, 2013

Art Nouveau Museum in Riga

The Art Nouveau Museum is a pleasant, cosy, well-preserved museum in Alberta street the heart of Art Nouveau in Riga. Although it's not so big, the exhibits are multiple and much fun.
I haven't taken the photo of the fridge of that time, so don't forget to ask them to show it to you when you're there.
More about Art Nouveau hère. 
A waffle maker with a recipe. 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Art Nouveau in Riga

Since the weather in Latvia in winter may be quite nasty with drizzle and wind, if you decide on traveling there anyway, you should plan on visiting the places indoors mostly. So the next post is going to be about the Art Nouveau Museum.

Riga is subject to a thorough study by Art Nouveau lovers. Its centre is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage for the amount and quality of Art Nouveau architecture.  About 40 % of all the buildings in the historical centre of Riga are in Art Nouveau style.

When the style was being developed, Riga experienced a considerable inflow of educated professionals  from abroad who were partially Latvians returning from their studies and partially rich businessmen from  Russia.  This is why lots of Riga's "exhibits" were designed by Latvian architects.

Influenced by the style architects translated their hope for more harmony between urban sprawl with its stress and lost sense of life's order and the harmony of natural forms, intricate, opulent and inspiring.

Alberta street, the one in which the Art Nouveau Museum is situated, is one of the finest examples of Riga's Art Nouveau.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

the Gutenberg Hotel in Riga and Christmas celebration

Last Christmas we were in Riga staying at the Gutenberg Hotel. Here I'm going to tell you what's it like   staying in Riga for Christmas holidays.

People.  Happy and easy-going regardless the nasty weather there was throughout all the Christmas of 2012/13.

Weather. It wasn't particularly cold, not at all. Actually, for me as a Russian, - 2 to +5 was perfect winter weather. But it was raining. So in case you're planning your Christmas holiday in Riga this year, get an umbrella at the ready.

Prices. Not so low since we stayed at the Gutenberg hotel, boutique hotel.   Right in the centre of Riga, cosy and atmospheric. The Dome Cathedral is next to it and the hotel is situated in the street called Dome street (Doma laukums).

It was a  two-roomed Junior Suite suitable for throwing a party for 5-6 people. Very clean. A bit chilly in the room, though. To my taste, could have been warmer inside so that I would have worn a nice silk gown in the room.

The substantial breakfast included: some champagne if you're not too late for breakfast, salads of different kinds, sweets and buns, cereals.