Saturday, August 23, 2014

August, weather

The weather in Latvia is marine but considerably different from that of the Mediterranean countries. On the bright side, it's rarely hot here. And even if it's hot in the afternoon it's usually cool in the evening and the heatwave is never suffocating in the country.

The downside is the wind. In summer it's refreshing and saves one even on the hottest days. However, when it gets colder like it is now, the wind becomes piercing, penetrating. Nowadays, despite the bright sun, you won't feel the warmth of it. The wind is blowing all day long, it's cold and wet.

I decided to buy something warm to wear here, since my clothes are not enough. I thought I would have to go all around the city centre but luckily I bought everything in the two shopping centres Origo and Stokmann, both just 2 minute walk from the railway station.

Well, in my opinion, the suitable clothes to wear now are like this:

the scarf is about 16 euros made from viscose in Stokmann in Riga

the jacket is about 35 euros bought at the shopping centre Origo next to the railway station,
the scarf made from wool, cotton is about 40 euros from Stokmann
Well, it's the kind of clothes I wear on such cool windy days here in Jurmala. It's always difficult to judge what's good for the others. Whenever I look out of the window in order to see what people wear and make up my mind what to put on myself, the sight is usually puzzling: an old woman is wearing a light T-shirt, a cotton skirt, next to her, a young man in warm trousers and a jumper with a warm jacket on.


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