Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Shopping in Riga and Shopping Centre "Spiice".

You may give me unapproving looks and talk behind my back that I'm excessively fond of shopping, even have a disorder of some kind. I will speak my mind anyway, and stand my ground relating healing power of shopping.

Nothing can distract/prevent me from going shopping anywhere in the world. Germany, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Latvia - the rich culture and history of the countries all fade away compared to bright boutiques of a shopping centre or hustle and bustle of a street market.

The shopping centre that faces any tourist coming out of the railway station is Stockmann. I've never bought anything there despite regularly dropping in. Women's wear is at least strange there. The discounts they offer are laughable: a piece that cost 100 lats, would cost 50 - 70 lats. Would that impress me? However, the buffet on the 4th floor is a nice light and spacious place, mouth-wateringly priced.

Cheaper, cheaper!
The street shown on the map is for those who want to kill the time shopping without any guilt afterwards. The prices for the clothes you may buy here range from 7 to 13 lats. Of course, it's not always pure silk, but stylish cotton trousers at 10 lats are certainly a bargain. .They were too small for me, unfortunately.

View cheap shopping tour in a larger map

 Numerous clothes shops will keep you busy for several hours. This shopping tour will also give you the impression of Art Nouveau style: most buildings are of the end 19th- beginning 20th century.

 If you feel tired, a cup of coffee at one of the cafes at 40 - 50 santims will brighten you up.
 This particular dress is 2.5 lats.
Some funny stuff )

 A hair cut at 10 lats,thank you,  Ludmila, for doing a good job, quickly  and efficiently. By the way, it seems hairdressers are very professional here, at least, compared to Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.
 The address of the Frizetava (Hairdresser's)

Another shopping opportunity is going to one of the shopping centres: it was so hot today I decided to go somewhere air-conditioned, "Spice" (pronounced - spitse) shopping centre. It's located on the outskirts of Riga, on the way from Jurmala to the city centre of Riga. The trip from Kauguri (Jurmala) to Spice by bus takes about 50 minutes.

All the usual brands are represented here. The prices are the same in Moscow. Well, the atmosphere is nice and some shops are my favourites.

 Jysk is where you can buy small nice things for you home.
 Lido is a local fast-food restaurant with healthy food and low prices. In Spice it is a huge place with exciting design which fun not only for children but also for adults. The area which used to be so nice with all the fencing, windows, castles is being renovated now. They are planning to open it in September.
By the way, in hot weather get there a traditional cold soup, very refreshing.
 That's what is left from the Lido Restaurant this year.
 This is the way Lido looked last year. This area is being renovated now. Hopefully, it will be even better.

 A paradise for children.

 Spice Home is opposite: furniture, an extended department of electric  appliances, ornaments.

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